Monday, January 26, 2009

Mise en place 1-27-09

1. Finish with the start in mind. Okay…that’s a little too much Stephen Covey's 7 Habits-y, but solid advice. Do you ever wonder why a really awesome workout is followed by a less than wonderful one? Maybe you’re not climbing through the glycogen window. This is old news to many, but bears repeating. Here is an interesting angle on the replenishment with an awesome recipe for a do-it-yourself energy replacement.

2. An idea I can get behind. Although during the presidential race I didn't hear as much about sustainable living as I wanted, maybe Prez O44 will consider a gardner. Heck, they already have a chef and full staff. I'd volunteer myself, if it paid...say, $50K +RandB, otherwise I'll nominate Tom Spicer.

3. And from the Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot department. The most stupid article published I've read recently. What's the point? What editor okayed this? I'm calling BS meaning the author is a Buck Short and needs to turn in an article to pay rent.

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