Monday, January 26, 2009

Rainy Days On Monday = Nice

It’s such a Porridge Monday…a perfect day for blogging. I can't remember rain since I don't know when (that line sounded better when I had Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues playing in the background). The ground is so dry that when my trusty friend (MTF) Rosco runs through the field ahead of me, I have the joyous pleasure of taste-testing the sand. So why am I celebrating the gray skies filled with a light drizzle on a subfreezing day, you need not ask. Predictions are for the weather to stay the same during the next few days. Porridge days all.

Porridge is a perfect dish; it’s simple, versatile and can be as healthy or comforting as one wishes , and a big plus is that “porridge” is fun to say (hi, Leslie).

So as my porridge slowly simmers in the crockpot, bubbles only occasionally breaking on the surface, I believe I have the perfect prospect of a point in time to partake in the practice of yoga. The pot of porridge will be perfectly prepared to coincide with my final sun salutation. Namasté.

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