Monday, January 26, 2009

Would It Have Been More Fun at 100-1?

Okay, everybody and their dogs have covered this story and I’m sick of it. Viewpoints abound. Many have valid, but opposing points. Did I say I’m sick of it? I’m writing from the viewpoint of a former player and coach, and a continued spectator who has been on both ends of a blow-out. Sadly, I’ve more often been on the short end of the stick.

That, of course, qualifies me to toss out my opinion.

Fire the coaches…plural, as in both teams head coaches. Kick’em out the door!

First of all, they’re responsible for scheduling the mismatched game(s). Secondly, after the first quarter score of 35-0 they should have had an idea that it wasn’t going to turn out so good for any of the players. I’ll use the example of myself playing a little one-on-one basketball with, say…a grade school kid. No fun. Where’s the competition that creates the foundation of sports? The coaches, apparently beforehand, knew of the mismatch and didn’t have an alternative plan. Shame on them.

Thirdly, and most importantly in my opinion, the coaches should have been responsible enough to “spin” the situation into a positive “on the fly” and during the game instead of waiting until the after-the-fact justification.

Alas, my opinion sucks.

Had I been the coach, a disservice would have been done toward the athletes, and other athletes and coaches. I would have made the situation into a non-issue.Therein lays the problem with my opinion.

Pop quiz time: In reality who lost?

A: No one.

Unlikely in a sporting event everybody won. Celebrity was awarded to the athletes, publicity to the schools and “feel-good” to all in the public that has ever been a humbled underdog(whom, I dare say, is all of us).

Even the fired coach will benefit. I’m sure that being a part-time coach for a small private school isn’t lucrative. One does that type of coaching for the love of coaching. I suspect his principle focus is select team coaching. If you read his statement it drips in select team philosophy. Villian or Supercoach is in the eye of the beholder. Do I think Coach Grimes is wrong? No. Do I think Coach Grimes handled the situation properly? No. Do I think Coach Grimes is one I would want to coach my child (if I had one)? Yes.

Occasionally one has to fall on their sword for which they believe. Right or wrong it’s noble. Coach Grimes has created an opportunity for these young student/athletes to learn that lesson. Because you “stuck to your guns”, coach, your deserve an Attaboy!

For a different angle on the story click here to read my very favorite active sports writer.

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