Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy Musings

  • Sheryl Crow = still hot (what was Lance thinking?)
  • Taylor Swift's guitar is way cool
  • Why aren't Grammy commercials up to par with the Super Bowl's...wait, they are. Suck.
  • I prefer Stevie Wonder sans Jonas Brothers.
  • Stevie Wonder can rock no matter what the circumstances.
  • Craig Ferguson = not funny. Still.
  • I dance just like Kanya West. He gets millions of dollars. I get millions of laughs.
  • P. Diddy, fashion dude...dress it up a little.
  • I should listen to more Coldplay.
  • Robert Plant still "has it".
  • Queen Latifa can make me sweat.
  • MIA...whoever you are...NASCAR called and wants the checkered flag back.
  • John Mayer should open a school for acceptance speeches.
  • Hey, Sugarland Chica...You want a new stalker? Volunteer I am.
  • USC Trojan Band - Awesome!
  • I want to not like Justin Timberlake. I can't.
  • Secretary of the Arts? Cabinet position? YES WE CAN! Do it O44.
  • Jamie Foxx...dude can rock and roll from the backseat.
  • Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline was the first "cool" song I learned to play on the trumpet.
  • I can pick B.B. King's tone and style out of a million pickers.
Songs I purchased because of the Grammys .
Kenny Chesney - Better as a Memory
John Mayer - Say
Sugarland - Stay
Kid Rock - Rock-n-Roll Jesus (album)

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