Friday, February 20, 2009

Men's Health Magazine - Off Target Again

I love these types of surveys. They're so easy to hit with spit-balls. So, I'll now toss a few at Men's Health's list of 20 worst foods.

I’m sure most of us, when going out to eat at places listed, aren’t intending on having a “healthy” meal. We’re there to have a good time, good food and, most importantly to the caloric count, take a doggy bag home. Most total calories on these items can be automatically cut in half.

Here’s a look see at a few of the items:

19. Worst Drink – Jamba Juice. MH is looking at a 30 oz drink…almost a quart. Anything a quart in volume is going to be caloric dense. A reasonable size of 12 oz would be about 300 cal, have 10% of the RDA of vitamin D and calcium.

17. Worst “healthy” Burger – how does its name imply it’s healthy? Just because it’s turkey? I can’t find anything on Ruby Tuesday’s website claiming a health benefit. BTW…Men’s Health misquotes (inflates) the actual reported nutritional information of this product.

16. Worst Mexican Entrée – that’s the best (worst) they could do. How about On the Border’s Double Stacked Club w/ Jalapeño Ranch Dressing at 1900 cal and 1143 of the cal are from fat. Do some homework Men’s Health.

12. Worst Burger – Missed again. Should have stayed at Ruby Tuesday’s…the Colossal Burger is at 2014 cal with 1300 coming from fat.

11. Worst Steak – Hey, its 20 oz of beef. That much isn’t healthy for anybody. Divided by 4 people and you have a manageable 400 cal/per person. Men’s Health, you’re going strictly by quantity why not list Amarillo’s Big Texan Steak Ranch with the 4 ½ pounder.

8. Worst Chinese Entrée – Again, a misquote of what’s posted on PF Chang’s website for nutritional information. Perhaps “misquote” is an understatement Men’s Health says, 1820 calories, website says 473 calories.

2. Worst starter – Hello, Men’s Health…it’s not even on the menu. Try a little easy research. Ms. Google can help.

1. Worst Food In America – Spot on, but I bet Snuffer’s is worse (better), but I’m a glutton.

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