Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not So Fast...

Thinking of fasting? I highly recommend it. A regular one-day per week fast was part of my regime for several years. Why, you might ask. I’m not a particularly religious fellow, I love food and I don’t feel it’s an effective weight loss tool.

I fasted for the challenge of fasting. The challenge was an especially enlightening experience on three memorable angles.

First, I learned how to taste food. Miguel Cervantes had it right when he said, “hunger is the best sauce in the world.”

Second, I began to crave food I’d never thought of craving, such as, raisins, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, apples, nuts or a simple sautéed fish filet.

Third, before my first few fasts I expected to complete the fast with one of my favorite meals like chicken fried steak, hamburger and French fries or pepperoni pizza. The fact is the thought of these foods were borderline repulsive to me.

How my thought process of food changed in only twenty-four hours baffles me. An amazing thing is this mind/body of ours.

Interested in fasting? Here’s an article with pros and cons.

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