Tuesday, February 24, 2009

O44’s Address to Congress – Superficial Observations

• Why wasn’t this called State of the Union?
• I bet the Prez Holding Room is nicer than the Lew Sterrett Holding Room
• Interrupted by applause = 13
• Interrupted by Stand Ovation = 35
• Interrupted by Bi-partisan Standing Ovation = 4
• We have the prettiest 1st Lady since Jackie O
• Hillary is still campaigning
• Fox needs to work on the mic attached to the camera
• Tax cut on April 1st…hmmm
• Joe Lieberman seems bitter
• Thanks, O44, for the strong words about sustainable energy, can you do that with only $15 billion/year
• Healthcare reform…is there an echo?
• Best sound bite = “dropouts aren’t just quitting on themselves, they’re quitting on their country”
• In another life I bet Nancy Pelosi was a cheerleader
• I still (heart) Hillary
• O44 could be a coach
• When I cut through the political rhetoric of the Republican response I don’t see any bi-partisan differences

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