Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Half Time Show

When the Boss started the show by jumping (awkwardly) on the piano, it dawned on me that he's getting old. Then he cranked it up with a few Michael Jackson movesand the show started rolling. With an opening number of Fifth Avenue Freeze-Out, my fav of his, I was onboard, but by the end I was thinking "Tampa Bay Sale-Out". Born to Run without Cortney Cox is like CC Rider without Joe Namath.

I do admire Bruce's uncanny ability to sing way behind the backbeat...just like Willie.

The segway using Workin' On a Dream with the choir wasn't a choice I would have made.

And, Bruce, changing the lyrics to Glory Days?...leave that to cover bands.

Frankly this half time show would have been better performed by Emerald City.

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