Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Musings

A great Super Bowl we had. In my mind here are the highlights/lowlights...

  • My first hoo-raa was Kurt Warner winning the Walter Peyton Award
  • The best commercial was the Asterisk - Steroid PSA. Awesome! Too bad it was shown before the game started.
  • I have the feeling that during the coin toss General Petraeus was channeling Pat Tillman.
  • The economy must be dragging down the quality of SB commercials.
  • I kinda liked the Pepsimax "I'm good" commercial
  • The game turned on James Harrison's 1st half interception return
  • James Harrison was the highlight and lowlife of the game. Sportsman he's not.
  •'s commercials were a letdown. Danika...get classy.
  • NBC's studio crew has no chemistry. I like Dungy, Holmgrin and Collinsworth, but Fox's guys are much more synergistic.
  • Al Michaels and John Madden are still the best.
  • Can't United Way afford a professional voice coach for Jason Whitten?
  • Even on high def, 3-D isn't appropriate. So...1950s.
  • I love HD

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