Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Top ten list of why golf is better than Scrabble

On my most highly anticipated sporting day of 2009 (so far), Tiger Woods' return to professional golf, here’s my top ten list of why golf is better than Scrabble.

10. Golf has a handicap system and lets really poor players compete with really good players

9. You get to walk 6 miles when you play golf, Scrabble uses a chair.

8. Golf is scored by doing the least, Scrabble by doing the most

7. Golf uses a leather bag, scrabble uses a letter bag.

6. Golf is played outside.

5. Golf has water and sand hazards. Scrabble has spelling hazards.

4. Golf uses “clubs”. Scrabble uses “tiles”.

3. When playing golf you use a leather glove to get a grip, Scrabble used a dictionary to get a grip.

2. Golf has cool clothes and cleats. Scrabble has ehhh…a board.

And the number 1 reason golf is better than Scrabble…

You only need to know four letter words to play golf.

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