Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 3 - Thumbs Up!

If you set aside the brief awaking at 4:00am with about 10 minutes of stomach cramps and the cold, beaded sweat on my forehead, all's well.

Still no REAL cravings although my eyes wondered as I drove past a BBQ joint, and while moseying down the grocery aisle (purchasing lemons and spring water only) I did find myself lingering in the produce section. A wrong turn down the chip aisle was a bad move, but I cowboyed-up and focused on finding the jugs of water. Giddy-up.

Other quick, but fleeting thoughts:
Grilled asparagus sounds bueno. Bonus taste bud cartwheels if it's slathered in roasted garlic cream cheese and wrapped in prosciutto before grilling.
Pasta with grilled shrimp and blackened scallops
One of those thin crust pizzas with mozz, fresh tomatoes, basil and drizzled in XVOO
A street taco with fresh pico and quac

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