Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 4 – Arms “Rocky” High

What an awesome run! This was my 7th day in a row to run 3-5 miles. Admittedly my past few runs have left me feeling “heavy legged”, but today I felt very light on my feet. Scary light.

Backstory review:
The last five runs have been done on “The Fast”. As a general rule I only run two days in a row followed by a recovery day, but I decided to try to run and yoga everyday in an attempt to keep my metabolism near normal. (Probably a futile idea).

I’ve been trying to monitor my caloric intake closely to insure I’m getting enough energy in. Each gallon of my special lemonade has about 1000 calories and a gallon is about the total amount I’m drinking each day. Since my caloric requirements each day is just over 2000 not counting any physical activity and I can generally figure about 100 calories expenditure per mile ran/walked, I’ll need 2500 each day not including that expended during yoga.

1500+ daily caloric deficit. I know. But I feel good, sleep good and have no crazy hunger needs, so I’m still All-In.

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