Saturday, March 14, 2009

Master Cleanse - Finale

Over, done, finito, chapter closed...

And here are the final box scores:

Lemons - 42 large
Honey - 3#
Gallons of spring water – 16
Herbal laxative tea bags – 10
Salt water 2.5 gallons
Headaches – 45 seconds
White tongue – 8 days
Weight – -2 lbs
Stomach cramps – 10 minutes
Cravings – none
Energy boost – gianormous
Concentration level – focused+
Affect on exercise – positive++
Willingness to do again – ubetcha

What I learned/what I’ll do different:

Plan the SWF around your day
Plan the fast to start on a Sunday night
Break the fast with an evening broth
Avoid food advertisements
Restricting the calories to 700/day next time
Next time slightly increase the cayenne

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