Monday, May 25, 2009

Garmin Forerunner 305 - Info Overload? The Display

As I mentioned in this post the 305 does everything but cook dinner (which I DON'T need a substitute to do, thank you very much). But I'm not too hip on punching buttons, changing fields, refreshing displays, etc on my watch during a run. Just give me some info, baby!

I'm okay with using the "lap" function and of course the "start/stop". But even for a pseudo-geeky guy like me having three buttons closely in a row, one button on the other side and a fake button similar to the Nike Triax (what's up with the fake button Nike?) is a bit confounding. It's also a distraction from my main purpose...ehhh...RUNNING!

With that being said, Garmin has made a cool move by putting the Lap and Start/Stop buttons on the face of the unit. Genius!

And it gets better...

Remember all of the info it records? The display allows up to 4 fields to be monitored at one time Like this:Dang-it, that's pah-CON pie. (photo credit to D Magazine.)

This one:
As you can see (and very clearly even for us visually challenged) it's easy to read, I've set mine to display Elapsed Time, Heart Rate, Pace (minutes per mile) and Total Distance.

There's really no other immediate feedback I need during this part of my training; however, if I did, I could easily capture it once the data is imported to the accompanying software.

Software review to follow.

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