Saturday, May 16, 2009

Garmin Forerunner 305 - Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

The 305 has so many does a 5th grader. I think it's time to do a comparison...

Garmin - keeps time; 5th grader - tells time = push
Garmin - GPS included; 5th grader - knows geography = push
Garmin - monitors HR; 5th grader - knows heart anatomy = advantage 5th grader
Garmin - monitors pace; 5th grader - wants Pace® salsa on Doritos® chips = advantage Garmin
Garmin - tracks distance; 5th grader - mind wanders = advantage Garmin
Garmin - not for swimming; 5th grader - washes dishes = advantage 5th grader
Garmin - doesn't talk back; 5th grader - asks too many questions = advantage and winner, Garmin

Seriously, the 305 does much more than I expected. Here's a fairly solid list of training info; however much more info can be mined such as max HR, grade, etc from the software graphs:

1. Time
a. lap
b. lap average
c. last lap
d. paused time
e. time of day
2. Cadence (cadence sensor and bicycle not included)
a. average cadence
b. lap cadence
3. Calories (est on user input data, weight and age)
4. Date
5. Distance
a. lap distance
b. last lap distance
c. paused distance
6. Elevation
7. GPS accuracy
a. GPS tracking
b. GPS waypoints
c. GPS - help me get home
8. Heading (real time compass)
9. Heart Rate
a. average HR
b. lap HR
c. HR zone (user determined)
10. Laps
11. Pace
a. average pace
b. best pace
c. lap pace
d. last lap
e. pace zone
12. Sunrise
13. Sunset

I'm not sure it's actually SMARTER than a 5th grader, but certainly a better training partner.

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