Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Garmin Forerunner 305 - Way Cool!

This is a piece of training equipment I'm so "on-board" with I could be called the conductor. HR is elevating just thinking about writing this, so....deep breath...let me start with the wrist unit.

As I previously stated the unit is no where near as big/bulky as I had imagined so that's a big plus.

Let me also add a "full disclosure" note: I'm kind of odd in the way I wear my watch, especially while running. I prefer the watch face on the inside of my wrist. I developed the habit early in my running/triathlon practice, feeling as if it were a more economical movement to check time. Later I found it a more discrete way to check time while enduring a boring meeting. The habit stuck.

An interesting aside: I also thought it would be a beneficial invention for the watch face to be "cocked" to about 2 o'clock for a greater ease of reading. Nike stole the idea with their Triax series which I've worn for the past many years. Hopefully Garmin will take note for the future (505?) model.

Full disclosure = full digression

Being aware of the funky way I prefer to wear my wrist watch I was concerned the antenna might have trouble receiving signals. Not a problem. So far I've even been able to pick up signals indoors, including deep into the wine section of Central Market.

The band is comfortable, easy to adjust and a bonus "extension" is included, with an installation tool.

Next up - the display, function buttons, HR monitoring, Garmin Training Center software, and other available software.

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