Sunday, June 14, 2009

Being a Vegetarian - Week 1 Report

Okay, I'm not really a vegetarian, but I've spent the last week as a strict vegetarian. (Wine is vegetarian, right?)

It's really not so bad, but I do (occasionally) miss me some meat.

And my objective is not to become some holier-than-thou, you-shouldn't-eat-anything-with-eyes, self-righteous thing-a-ma-bob. I just want to feel right, sleep tight, dream bright and run light.

And I did when I pulled this stunt. So I'm on a mission to find a proper lifetime eating habit to fit me.

I recently read a column in the Saturday Evening Post (which I usually don't read, but only look at it for the pictures) fantasizing an email to Ben Franklin regarding his recommendation to:

“Eat and drink such an exact quantity as the constitution of thy body allows of, in reference to the services of the mind.”

I totally buy it.

I'm not sure where this (changing eating habits) is going (perhaps this blog, too), but my immediate intention is to become mostly a Lacto-ovo-vegetarian with a frequent Pescatarian vibe; what the heck, stir it with a spoonful of Flexitarian.

The point is...I'm giving up the regular consumption of beef, chicken, pork and other traditionally-non-sustainable meats.

At least for a little while. We'll see what happens.

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