Friday, June 19, 2009

Mise en Place - Juneteenth

1. Pizza Hut makes a bold (and expensive) move, and for some reason I believe it's a smart one. However, the name still makes me think Ginger vs. Mary Ann...I'm a Mary Ann kinda guy.

2. Want to join me for a 26.2 mile journey? Here's an interactive cool tool from the New York Times for a guide.

3. It's my 2nd favorite golf weekend of the PGA season...U.S. Open. Hummm, why do I get joy watching such talented athletes (yes, they're athletes) struggle? And speaking of interactive (see item #2) check out this interactive golf competition on the Dallas Morning News' website. Amble down the DMN leaderboard to...say 6th place. Then take a wild guess who "Pin High" is.

4. After finally finishing watching the recorded Prefontaine Classic I've reinforced, in my mind, women runners are God's special creation. Especially hot. Vinny...she trains at Mammoth Lake. Can you help a brother out?

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