Friday, June 5, 2009

Visionary Supplies schools on Customer Service

I think I promised I'd never buy from again...but, dammit, they make it so easy. I just login and click. Enablers they are.

But the past three orders in a row have had delivery problems and I still go back. WhatamIthinking?

And I send a simple email inquiry (through their massively buried inquiry form page) and get nothing but form replies. No one want's to help. No. One.

But when my Oakley Wire 2.0s broke I was desperate. I was lured back into the Amazon fold and ordered the Half Wire 2.0s. The perfect model was available in the color and lens shade I was looking for and BONUS..."ships in 24 hours"!

Not that I paid attention, but Amazon's seller was actually Visionary Supplies, who I think purchases the glasses from some other shop who purchases them from Oakley and then are sold through Amazon. Got that? Good...explain it to me.

Back on topic...I ordered on Sunday so with 24 hour shipping it should go out on Monday, right? Wrong. Tuesday? Nope. Wednesday? N-A-D-A.

Thursday evening I get an email from Amazon stating with glee, YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN SHIPPED!

As if I'd won the lottery.

Frankly, since I am now familiar with how Amazon's business practices have degraded , I wasn't surprised.

But, deeper in the email I noticed an email address for the provider, Visionary Supplies. So at about 6:00pm on Thursday I shot an email asking why wasn't my purchase shipped in 24 hours.

I had a personal reply back within 90 minutes from a gentleman named Mike DeMasi.

And an apology. Listen-up Amazon...AN APOLOGY! Not only that, Mr. DeMasi accepted responsibility, not trying to pawn excuses.

And get this...he also issued a $25 dollar refund.

Guess who gets a 5 star buyers approval? Not Amazon, but close.
Guess who gets my return business? These folks.
Guess who knows customer service? These folks.

Okay, I'm a shill. But seriously Mike, well played.

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