Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's a Bicyclist's Life Worth in Colorado?

During my few trips to Colorado it's always struck me as a bicycle-friendly place...almost as much as California. And recently they passed this really cool law, going into effect in August, as quoted by KKTV of Colorado:

"The new law clarifies traffic rules for bicyclists. It allows drivers to cross the center line when safe to avoid bicyclists, and it allows bikers to pass one another or ride side-by-side if they are not impeding traffic. The law also makes it a misdemeanor for a vehicle driver to throw objects at a cyclist."

And then yesterday, a Colorado judge sentences a DUI driver to only 3 years for killing 2 cyclists.

My limited math skills say a life is only worth 1.5 years in Colorado.

Effin' sickening.

If judges and juries would get tough maybe we wouldn't need this.

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