Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot - Shoe Salesgirl Edition

Me being me, and having finished my research, read all the info Nike puts on the internet, read the reviews, selected the color, looked for a cheaper price and I made the decision.

Then I counted my pennies, made a trip to the nearest Coinstar and finally bought a pair of new running shoes. Yeah...you know the ones.

So I get to the shoe shop and a sweet young girl...I'd say about 18 years-old waits on me. I find the shoes, tell her my size, try on the shoes - perfect fit, go to "check-out".

And I say, "oh, by the way, do you have Lace Locks?"

"What are those?" was the reply.

Me = explain

Then it got weird.

This 18 yo, 5'2 youngster who is slightly north of two Ben Franklins recites a verbal dissertation of how "runners" lace and tie their shoes so they don't come untied while running.

And caps it off with "my shoes have never came untied while I'm running."

Well, duh.

Perhaps more training? ...in more ways than one?

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