Friday, July 31, 2009

Customer Service - Going, Going, Gone?

Jeez...I'm not a curmudgeon or anything, but I do like a small back-pat occasionally.

Several weeks ago I was in my favorite(used to be) running remain nameless. I was only browsing and wanting to pick up a minor (read: inexpensive) item and didn't pay much attention to the fact that I was the only one in the store and NO ONE asked to "help me".

Hey, fine with me. I know everything anyway. However, it was unusual, given the friendliness I've become accustom to in this certain store. Let me just add, this isn't a "big box" store, it's a store that caters to runners and triathletes. Somewhat upscale.

And I love'em mostly because they are strong supporters of the DFW running community.

Anyway I found my iBungees, checked out and paid. The staffperson ended the transaction with, "There you go."

So I went.

Funny how "Thanks so much, come back and see us" wasn't included (in some form).

I thought I'd forgotten about it. Heck, it was only a $4.95 purchase. But...

Today I returned for another pair of iBungees. Although 4 staff were present, and only one other customer (checking out...with 2 folks behind the counter), not a greeting, not an acknowledgment.

No problem. Remember, I know everything.

I find my thing-y, wait for the unbusy person to say "can I help you?" or something like that. N-A-D-A.

When I approach the counter, she DOES take my pesos and leaves me with this exchange...

She: you want a sack for that?
Me: no thanks.
She: (hands me my laces and receipt) You're good to go.

Not trying to read to much into these transactions but my subliminal common thread between the interactions is...

"You" and "Go".

And folks want to blame 43 or O44 for the economy woes...maybe they should look in the mirror.

Perhaps Luke's will welcome me back? Developing.