Saturday, July 11, 2009

My favorites - The Things I Love

I love lots of stuff. Most stuff in general I love. But in trying to narrow down what makes me extra happy, here's my top 25 list:

25. My favorite pair of jeans
24. Power naps
23. Properly cooked French fries
22. Voting
21. New running shoes
20. HDTV
19. A bonsai tree
18. Anticipation
17. Fresh-baked cookies
16. Raw foods
15. Wide-open spaces
14. Having a correct answer
13. Random acts of kindness
12. Fresh made salsa with a warm tortilla
11. Being barefoot
10. Ice cold beer on a hot afternoon
9. Sleeping in a tent during a storm
8. A deep massage
7. Clean sheets and a good book
6. A smile
5. The truth
4. Yoga
3. Finding "the zone"
2. A good friend
1. My momma

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