Saturday, July 18, 2009

My New Man-crush - Tom Watson

My favorite golf week - The Open Championship (or as we yanks call it, The British Open).

And you know how much I love some underdog/old folk's performance (scroll down a bit). This is classic.

Tom Watson, two months shy of his 60th birthday, is leading the pack. Coolly leading the pack...can you say "working smarter, not harder"?

His golden comment about leading going into the 3rd round..."That's pretty cool at [age] 59."

Watson has won this tournament 5 times, including the "Duel in the Sun" 32 years ago. The oldest winner was Old Tom Morris in 1867 and he was 46-years-old. Will Old Tom Watson take his place?

This. Is. Remarkable.

So I humbly nominate as the lead actor, for the movie version of this story,

William H. Macy

to play (separated at birth)Tom Watson

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