Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My (un)Favorites - Equal Opportunity Post

To satisfy a few requests for a counter opinion to this post I've taken on a more difficult task.

Disliking things takes so much energy, and I'm such a low effort kinda guy, I try to avoid it. But I do have a few things that irritate me. Not saying I'm unguilty of many of the following, just trying to identify and steer clear. (Is "unguilty" a word? I unknow. I could be unsober and unworried about it.)

So here's my list of the most unfavorite things I can think of.

25. Overcooked food
24. Cheating at golf
23. Off-color jokes
22. Anonymous, snarky comments
21. Dropped internet connections
20. Canned Asparagus
19. Poorly written recipes
18. Bicyclist who don't obey the "rules of the road"
17. People who yell into their hands-free device in the parking lot
16. Injuries
15. The F-bomb (unless it is caused by an acute injury)
14. Runners who blow their nose "on the go"
13. Those who think speaking loudly and slowly overcomes all linguistic barriers
12. Being late
11. Litterbugs
10. When Braum's runs out of lime sherbet (whiskey, tango, foxtrot, dude(ette)?)
9. Unanswered emails
8. Non-friends
7. Athletes who over-celebrate after doing their job
6. Hearing conversations in the theater
5. Shopping carts that self-vector
4. Destructive criticism
3. Belligerent behavior
2. Gnats
1. Stepping on chewing gum in a hot parking lot

All in all, most are easy to avoid if you pay attention...except for the unsurrendering gnats.

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