Friday, July 10, 2009

Tour de France - Bold Predictions Come True


What a wild card the Italian, Nocentini, is. His fifteen minutes of fame won't last long, but still...hats-off.

As (I) predicted, Astana's lead rider, Contador made up the 19 seconds he trailed Lance and increased (decreased?) it by 2. He's now in a secure 2nd place and six seconds from the yellow jersey. Lance is in third and eight seconds off the lead.

BTW...Contador, pedaling up a Cat H, into a headwind, after 220km (roughly 135 miles) was a rocket. He left the peleton like the Roadrunner ta-ta-ing Wily E. Coyote.

Also as (I) predicted, Armstrong played a strong presence as a supporting rider. And he could, arguably, be considered the strongest (and most relaxed) rider in the peleton. Wily as a coyote, he is. Mark my words.

Team Astana is holding #2(Contador +:06), #3(Lance +:08), #4(Levi +:39) and #6 (Kloden +:54) places, for individuals, and 1st overall.

Tomorrow's 110 mile mountainous stage should play toward Astana's favor and they have a good chance of finishing in 4 of the top 5 spots...baring an accident on the wildly long downhills.

Quick side note: Maillot jaune(the yellow jersey wearer), Fabian Cancellara, had a flat...then another, in today's stage (dude, where were your teammates?) which put him well back in the pack. He actually almost had a collision with the peleton's trailing cars on the of the times he was descending at 55+ MPH. Very tough luck.

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