Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Football Season, WooHoo!!

Last night's NFL Hall of Fame Game marks the starting of the 2009-10 football season. Normally I'm not a big fan of pre-season games, but for some reason I'm really excited about this season. With that in mind here are a few thoughts spurred from last night's game.

  • If the first series fake punt, fake reverse and bootleg for a touchdown is any indication, this season is going to be spectacular.
  • Is it just my eyes going bad or did the referees orange stripped shirts look to have a pink tint from a distance? Even in HD. I respect history as much as the next guy, but, NFL, not every thing in the past is a good idea. I consider the orange stripped shirts a bad idea.
  • Speaking of refs...the head ref had all the excitement of a mortician.
  • The NBC production crew was spot-on; the broadcast booth had some cobwebs.
  • I've loved John Madden ever since he coached Oakland. Loved him even more as a color commentator, he revolutionized the booth. But for some reason I don't think I'll miss him much this season. Good luck in retirement, John.
  • TO = 2fer2
  • This will be Vince Young's pivotal season. It's now or never, baby.
  • Replays on NBC are being called "NBCeeIT". Lame. Must have been a rush job from a summer intern. Bet it doesn't last through September, but maybe they can sell it, on a discount, to ABC for the winter Olympics.
  • Full disclosure - I'm a huge Cowboys fan. My season's prediction for Dallas = 9-7, 3rd in the Eastern Division.

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