Friday, August 21, 2009

Jerryworld - First Look

Have I mentioned I love sports in HD? And is 1080p really any better than 720p? I can't imagine it being. A few musings from Cowboyland and the finest sports stadium in the known universe.
  • First possession of the game is a 12 minute drive culminating in a touchdown for the Cowboys. I like it.
  • Joe Buck needs to learn the difference between a end around and a reverse. IJS
  • Marion Barber could start for any NFL team. Felix Jones, I'm not so sure.
  • Cowboys to watch...Austin Miles, Sam Hurd.
  • I hope Tony Romo is better than I think.
  • Quote of the game #1 - "Jerry Jones is the P. Diddy of the NFL."
  • The Cowboys defense worries me. On the upside, the backups are as good as the starters.
  • I must disagree with Troy Aikman...Vince Young isn't very good. Yeah, I said that.
  • On the flip side, if anything happens to Romo, the Cowboys are in deep trouble, too. Kitna isn't very good either.
  • What rocket surgeon determined 90 feet was high enough for a video screen. FIY...that's the distance from homeplate to 1st base.
  • Quote of the game #2 - Head Ref: "False start, everybody but the center." Aikman's retort: "He's givin'em the business."
All in all, impressive play by the Cowboys. The Titans looked better last week. I'll stick with my prediction of 9-7 season, 3rd in the division, for the Cowboys

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