Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mise en Place - 8-6-09 - Sinner's Edition

1. Telling your prison colleagues you're doing life for the hate crime of beating up the Ice Cream Man won't bode well for you or your two white-trash friends. The devil has to be especially proud of your section in hell. When I read about the victim's attitude, I immediate committed a deadly sin...envy. Thanks, Mr. Victor McDonald, we should all have such kindness. PS...I love ice cream.

2. I quit smoking 29 years ago, to the day. (Okay, I made up the "to the day" part). And luckily I have no desire to smoke again, but if I did I'd probably be smoking an eCigarette. Who thinks up this kind of deadly stuff? Guilty of another sin...wrath. Two more generations and we'll eradicate this scourge to society, just need a bit of patience.

3. What is it about the heat? I can't turn around without hearing someone complain (news flash people-it's August). Yet the minute it hits triple digits I feel an overwhelming desire to strip down to the bare necessities, grab my running shoes and bang-out 8k or so. Hummm...the most serious sin...pride. I really do have a pocket full of humility, it's just in my other britches.

Excuse me while I meditate with this old friend.

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