Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mise en Place (9-18-09) - Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot

1. This guy was getting some kind of drunk. But I still don't get how the vic can hit the front windshield, go over the roof and smash through the rear window, and land in the backseat. Either I missed that part of physics class (highly likely) or there could be something else to the story.

2. Just because you drive a Bentley doesn't mean you have class. But the vic's husband/passenger just sits around and watches his wife get beat-up by two guys because one SAID he had a gun. Either chivalry is really dead (highly unlikely) or again, I think there must be something else to the story.

3. And if the above bad guys aren't bad enough, apparently it just getting harder to ID the real bad guys. This is bad, real bad...nefarious infiltration, I'd say. But come on, a police officer's badge getting stolen, or an assault rifle with 15 clips of ammo, or body armor? I think this one's going to be developing, too.

You can now resume your life, but listen-up. Ya'll be careful out there.

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