Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why David Feherty is My Favorite Golf Analyst

Besides having the best job in the world and an accent that melts most women, the dude has a way with words. And he pulls no punches...even when talking about Tiger.

Examples of my favorite Fehertyism from the PGA Championship.

  • "The wind has vanished." Eh, hmm...Dave, the wind is invisible. IJS
  • "He decided to go with the chicken stick." -on Tiger electing to use an iron off the tee to a narrow fairway.
  • "It's not often you see a player of this caliber hit four incredibly rotten shots in a row." -on Vijay Singh's 6th hole (Saturday) performance that initiated an ugly meltdown lasting into Sunday's round.
And my personal favorite:

  • "I've given up not thinking he can't get there, so yeah, he might get there." (aside: What the what?) -on Tiger hitting a big hook trying to reach the green from the deep rough 189 yards away. (Outcome: he got there.)

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