Monday, September 21, 2009

Dallas Cowboys and Jerryworld: Top 10 Biggest Surprises

10. I'd rather the Cowboys lose in September than in December, but I'm sticking with a 9-7 prediction. And the way they played last night they'll miss the playoffs.

9. The announcing team of Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels are, by far, the best I've ever seen/heard.

8. Jerry Jones, you can pick who sits in your suite, and you can pick who you want to play, but don't pick your nose on national TV.

7. Overheard from 43 to Madden: Mr. Madden, I'm sure if I would have had one of those telemastrater thing-ys the whole Iraqi war would have turned out differently.

6. Will Flozell Adams never learn?

5. Say what you want, but Roy Williams was the most unselfish player on the field last night. And he was never acknowledged by the booth for his key blocks.

4. Felix Jones often ran like he was retaining water. Caught from behind? Really, Felix. Marion proved why he's called the Barbarian.

3. Wonder how those fine tax paying citizens of Arlington feel about NBC repeatedly referring to Jerryworld as the "Palace in Dallas"?

2. I was afraid Tony Romo wasn't as good as I hoped. Last night didn't build my confidence either. Hey Tony, winners don't go sit alone and pout.

And the #1 biggest surprise...

Cage Dancers!