Friday, September 4, 2009

T. Boone Pickens Punks Herschel Walker?

Big 12 south pick of the week: OSU vs. Georgia(+4.5); take OSU and give the 4.5.


Several weeks ago T. Boone Pickens and Herschel Walker crossed paths at a weekend long party in Canada. Finding himself chit-chatting with the former Georgia Heisman Trophy winner, Boone steered the conversation toward week #1 of the NCAA football season. Here's a portion of their conversation...

TBP: How does Georgia view the season opener?
HW: Not very seriously.

Um...okay, Maybe Herschel doesn't follow Georgia football very closely (unlikely) or maybe he isn't familiar with Pickens' affiliation with OSU (likely). Anyway the next day when their paths crossed again...

TBP: Herschel, thanks for your honesty yesterday and your observation has been relayed to Stillwater.
HW: What do you mean?
TBP: It's now on the wall of the locker room.


Bulldog fans, you can contact Walker at Herschel's Famous 34 Foods, 912.961.0002 or email him at

And in other Big 12 South news, Carnac the Magnificent picks...

OU gives 22 to BYU, take OU and give
Baylor upsets favored Wake Forest
UT crushes UL-Monroe, don't worry about having to give 42
No line on Tech beating North Dakota (isn't ND a D2JUCO?), but give...oh, about 50 and take Tech
And my upset of the week, New Mexico upsets A&M (sorry about that, Jim)