Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Number One Reason...

it's so hard for Americans to eat healthy:

Because making poor choices is so easy...and cheap.

Since Braum's doesn't list nutritional data I've done a little probing and here's my best estimate (h/t calorie counter):
2 Braum's patties = 860 cal/74 g fat
1 Braum's bun = 300 cal/4.5 g fat
2 slices Braums cheddar = 220 cal/18 g fat
1 regular vanilla shake (from Steak n' Shake) = 717 cal/22 g fat

Not including the produce or condiments I get a grand total of 2100 cal/118 g fat
A whooping 50% of the calories from fat!

On the upside...fries don't come with the meal. (small from Micky-D's is 230 cal/11 g fat)

In contrast, I was in Whole Foods (Lakewood) yesterday and organic apples(my new favorite fruit) were on special for $0.99/lb. So let's compare...

$2.99 of apples from WF = approximately 660 calories negligible fat
$2.99 meal from Braum's = 2100 calories and 118 grams of fat

1 penny buys you two calories at WF, but the same penny buys you 7 calories at Braum's.

The question of the day is "Does it cost more to eat healthy?" Ponder on...


  1. mmmmm, braum's cheeseburger, da bomb

  2. "da bomb" right you are.

    Although I can't remember ever eating a burger from Braum's, I hear they're pretty good.

    Therefore insuring "da bomb" theory.

    Bombing the American diet...IJS.

    I do stand behind Braum's milk...and their lime sherbet. OMG...