Friday, November 20, 2009

Freddy the Ferry Hawk

Update(6:30pm): this evening Freddy showed dramatic improvement and was passed off to Breaden Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Thanks, Wallie!

Early this morning, by the highway, I found this Ferruginous Hawk.
Looks like it had been hit by an automobile, but still alive. Barely. Half of the left wing was shattered as well as major damage to the left side of the head.I moved it to a protected area and put out water, but I don't expect it to live through the night.
I also notice an aluminum band on one of it's legs. Since the accident had also caused the band to cut into the leg I decided to remove it (the band, not the leg).A good soaking, scrubbing and internet search later I found contact information for the Bird Banding Lab and reported the sighting and condition of the hawk.

Turns out the hawk was banded in Alberta, Canada on June 24, 1995. I guess being banded for over 14 years when the oldest know of your species is only 20 years old isn't so bad, especially when life expectancy is only 5 years. At least I have that to console me tomorrow, that's when I project I'll be digging a hole.

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  1. it's amazing what you did, wildlife people to