Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lyrics of the Day - An Empty Glass

The lyrics from songs endangered of burn-out on my Zune.

I grew up on Country & Western music (okay, and the Monkees), and I'm currently a big fan of the Red Dirt movement. But today's C&W music is no more than pop music with an occasional steel guitar riff. I mostly feel embarrassed for the performers who have been shaped by the Nashville know-it-alls.

And then an ol'school song like this one pops out of my radio. Geez...when it was over, my eyes burned from cigarette smoke and I smelled like stale beer.

An Empty Glass performed by Gary Stewart

An empty glass,
and a last cigarette.
Closing time
and I'm drunk again.

But somehow I'll make it home
and cry myself to sleep.
And that's the way the day ends
every night for me.

Every night I'm in some bar,
throwin' whiskey on a heart that's on fire.
Forgetting you is no easy thing.
Each night for me always ends the same. With...(repeat, from the top, about 20 times for the full gist)

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