Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sometimes things work out better than expected

A final update on Freddie the Hawk: Here's a recent message I received from Wallie and Yolande.

"Well Brent ,just a note to tell you the ferruginous hawk is doing well . It was touch and go for a while. He not only had the injury's we could see , but the roof of his mouth had been split and was bleeding from there as well. We had to do some work on that to stop the bleeding. He is starting to get an appetite back and is starting to eat on his own again. We still are not sure weather or not he has badly bruised lungs or not as he still has problems with his breathing , but is doing better on that as well . Here are some pictures . Will take more when he's up to it . Have a Merry Christmas Wallie & Yolande"

Folks who do this type of stuff, for nothing other than self-fulfillment, are blessed people.

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