Saturday, February 6, 2010

5 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials - in my brain's memory

Although the past few years have yielded sub-par commercials I have high hopes for tomorrow's offerings.

I hope the game is good, too. (I digress)

Some sexy, some humorous and of course some controversial, but let's mainly wish for creative.

Last year the Super Bowl wouldn't air the very cool PETA commercial. This year it won't air Man Crunch.

But they will air the ultra conservative organization Focus on the Family's pro-life ad staring Tim Tebow and mother. (Notice on the FotF link I provided it's a .com not a .org. I'mJustSayin')

So here we go for the top 5, and if you'll read/watch to the finish you might just find a bonus...

#5 is from 1998 and had a insect as the star: The Tabasco Mosquito.

And at #4, starring a lady who reminds me of my grandmother: Wendy's "Where's the Beef" from 1984.

#3 was in 2005. We rode a wave a patriotism while Anheuser-Busch sprung for this commercial.

Larry Bird and Michael Jordan teamed with McDonalds in 1993 for what is nearly my all time favorite Super Bowl Commercial. #2 on the list is:

But the #1 Super Bowl commercial in the history of ever, natch, is the one from Coke in 1979 and started the whole "really cool Super Bowl commercials" thing. For this we owe many thanks. Starring the toughest, baddest NFL player ever, Mean Joe Green and a little kid. Hit it.

And you've read this far? Let me fulfill my promise with a bonus:


  1. dumbass, you forgot the whatup one

  2. Yes, I forgot it. Forgetting it took many years. A non-thanks to you for the reminder.