Friday, February 12, 2010

February 12 - a time to celebrate!

Why my party hat, you ask?

Maybe to celebrate Lincoln's birthday? Nope. Or the forth anniversary of former Vice President Cheney's shooting a lawyer? Nada. How about superstar talk show host Arsenio Hall's day of birth? Sorry.

Three strikes. You're out!

It's the Winter Olympics, baby!

They're back and this makes me happy. Admittedly, I'm not much of a winter sport participant (unless you include running in snow, which I love to do). But I find nothing more motivating on a cold night than a cup of hot tea and 3 or 4 hours of recorded Winter Olympics to replay.

I'll especially be watching the following favorite events (listed in order):

10. Snowboard Cross - like NASCAR on ice with no protection and not going 200mph
9. Ski Jumping - my first love of winter sports
8. Speed Skating - rock stars
7. Ice Hockey - I can still remember 1980. Greatest sporting event. Ever.
6. Bobsleigh - whatever happened to Bob-sled?
5. Luge - kinda crazy people involved
4. Skeleton - make those folks riding the luge look conservative
3. Cross-country skiing - I long for this skill
2. Biathlon - if I'd been born in Canada, I'd be a world champion at this.

And #1 is:

Curling - yeah, I said that. And before you ask me why, please have "why not" answered.

Random Winter Olympic question: Whatever happened to speed skiing?
Speculative answer: maybe it was the 150mph speeds and needing a quarter mile of the .6 mile course to stop.

Be assured I'll spend the next 16 days in Olympic bliss.

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