Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ranting to Reality

It all started last night. A Friday night kick-off of which I hope to take the final score with me every moment of my life to my grave.

But first a digression to the dreaded "back-story"...

I've spent the last several weeks in Oklahoma City at a very fine La Quinta hotel (Quail Springs branch and I highly recommend it). The trip has been smooth, educational and I've been lucky enough to meet lots of awesome, smart and professional trainers and peers. In reality it's been way too smooth.

Enter last night.

BFF and I returned to the hotel, me with an arm-load of food and taut leash in hand. At the side entrance, closest to my room, my key-card didn't work. This I know for sure because I tried, during a balancing act, at least forty-seven times. (on the up-side, I have $47 extra in my cuss jar)

The main entrance being the only one not needing a keycard was my only other choice. The problem: shiny white, slick marble-y floors are not on Rosco's preference list. He says they are not doable, end of discussion.

I understand this quirk...mine = canned asparagus.

After returning BFF and the food to the car for a brief wait I soloed into the fine La Quinta to give the front desk staff an uncharacteristic Texas-style "What-For". I explained, not diplomatically, how less than happy this unexpected turn in my life had allowed me to become,...more than a minor inconvenience it was.

"I have hot food to be eaten and a live mammal to take care of," I inflated.

I didn't mention the NCAA sweet sixteen to watch (luckily).

Unjust was the situation they put me in. Very unjust.

Sleeping restlessly and waking at 5:30 for my morning run, I sipped a quick cup of coffee and checked email. The contents of which caused my heart rate to quicken before ever slipping on my Nike Free 5.0s.

There in my daily e-bank statement was a billing for $910.00 at La QuintaOKC...for a room that should have been $273.

Not to be petty, but I'm not a rich man and a $600 mistake is somewhat distressing.

This, again, is unjust-ment toward me. Specifically toward me for sure.

To shorten a "too long" story, after numerous phone calls and lots of dedication to the issue by the La Quinta management I think it's resolved...TBD.

Later in the morning I needed printer paper and dog food. Down the road is a Walmart. There Rosco and I went.

A ream of paper, I discovered, is $4, not the usual $2.97 I pay at "my" Walmart. Unjust I think, but in my basket it lands.

The small bag of the Iams dog food I always buy (again at "my" Walmart) for $6.47 is $11.27. What's with the price gouging, OKCWalmart?

Is "Unjust Me" tattooed on my forehead?

Ambling toward the checkout stand passing through the pharmacy section I remembered needing a bottle of multi-vits (full disclosure, it was really a fiber supplement...I know TMI). They didn't have my regular (pun intended) brand, but generously offered an alternative...for a 50% unjust upcharge.

As I made my selection there was an older gentleman, perhaps in his upper seventies leaning on the pharmacy counter, speaking loudly on his cell phone. L-O-U-D-L-Y!

Surely you know how folks (especially old folks, shame on me for the sterotype) speak so loudly on the phone....yes?


Luckily I heard his side of the conversation. Here, to my best recollection, is his verbatim:

"I'm so sorry I haven't returned your call until now. Yesterday morning my wife died. I've been confused, I guess I'm in mourning."

That was right before I kinda lost it. (Thank you sun glasses, self-checkout and a Walmart where no one knows me)

Hey, Mister Older Gentleman, my condolences and thanks for re-framing my defination of "unjust".

I now know how perfect my life is.


  1. You know, Brent, I have had the same lesson taught to me. I was ranting about picking up my husband's socks EVERY morning to a group of older lady relatives. They sat silently. Duh. Every single one of them was a widow. Just one more day to pick up a sock, they must have been saying to themselves....