Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Day in the Life of Brent

Yes, it's temporary. It's fun. And it's certainly productive. I've got a man-crush on all the guys I work with and a sister-crush on all the women.

Mercy is a pretty cool organization with really awesome employees.

And to bury the lede...here's my time-line for the last two days....

6:am: report to classroom for pre-class welcome-y admin stuff
7-11am - lecture/lab
12-1pm - break to file paperwork and organize for afternoon class
1-4pm - lecture/lab
4-5 or so pm - file paperwork from the day's classes; gather materials for the next day's classes (hand-outs, rolls, evals, ect.)
5-5:30 - errands/groceries/laundry
5:30-6:30 - Run w/Rosco
6:30-7pm - SSS
7-8pm - gather and organize material for tomorrow
8-10pm - rewine(d)
10-2am - sleep
2-4am - review material for morning and afternoon lecture/lab
4am - quick run with Rosco
5am - shower and dress for 6am prep/class.

A shot of my box of curriculum ? (click to enlarge)
This won't last for long, so it makes me smile to see how
busy I am.

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