Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Mercy Magic

Hot Springs is truly a magical place. History (or the Visitor and Convention folks) would lead you to believe it’s the magical spring water. I disagree. It’s the people. And I’ve worked with some amazing ones. Might I introduce some of those who have marked my life?

Radio Man – He cracks me up. The minute he offered his first words I thought he should be on the radio. Turns out he was. Other than me he has the best sense of humor ever.

Keith and “Keith” – I can only give these two guys a manly silence and slight nod. You know, like real men do. Chest bumps to ya.

C-Note – no one has ever so gently and politely yanked my chain. I don’t think he can be thanked enough for all he's done the past few months. “Above and beyond” is an understatement.

Bonnie and Chris – I don’t have a nickname for either of them because they're so real. They saw through me immediately and made many suggestions and recommendations…they knew what I needed, and how to make me fall in love with Hot Springs. The world is better because they populate it.

Big Boss - as I’ve mentioned before I’ve been blessed with great bosses in the past, but she's raised the bar. She’s not going to be with this project after this shift and she’s already being missed. Good luck, Linda, in your new position and I look forward to our paths crossing sometime in the future. BTW...sorry for my several "House-like" moments. Thanks for handling them so professionally.

Pam-Pam – A structure is only as solid as the foundation and you've been perfect. Thanks for letting me vent so many times. I want to hug you so bad it hurts, but not as much as a trip to HR would. And good luck in Memphis, maybe I’ll see you there. If not you’ll always be in my heart.

Ms. Awesome - I’ve spent the past few weeks leaving tears on the mountain trails while thinking how much I’ll miss you. Thanks for the wisdom. You’re absolutely awesome; never believe anyone who tells you differently.

Like it or not, I’m attached to each one of you and to Hot Springs. I owe all of you and the others on the team a huge thanks for fueling my life! There are some things that matter, some that don’t and all of you do matter in my life.

And a special thanks to the Sisters for giving me this opportunity!

I’ll leave all of you with this little ditty…

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