Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yeah, It's me, Dent Brudenhoeffer, bedside blogging the CBS GOP debate

So here we go with the last 30 minutes, behind the scenes you didn't get to see. But I have the inside scoop of the cool stuff. Read on for the deets...
We're all wearing black stuff so that's cool.

I'm wearing a blue tie, appealing to the "others". That's the way I roll.

Pink for me because of the celebration of breast cancer month...oh, wait, that was October.

And I'm cool with wearing a blue tie, because I want to appeal too. But check it out, MoFos...Pin-effin-stripes. Yeah, baby, I kick ass.

I'm golden, so don't ask any questions.

And I don't need a stinking tie, I'm hot. I think I spotted Dent Brudenhoeffer sneaking around. I want' to jump that boy's bones. Eff the presidency, I just would be lucky to spend a night in a lonely hotel room with him.

That's my report.

Signing off,
Dent Brudenhoeffer


  1. She's gonna have to get in line....

  2. Hey. Analyze the pearls along with the ties buddy.

  3. The pearl necklace thing is a really slippery-slope which I would certainly fall. That being said, she was the most tastefully dressed of them all.